• 9 Investigates minority subcontractors yet to be paid for arts center work


    ORLANDO, Fla. - 9 Investigates why some of those who built Orlando's new performing arts center are still waiting to get paid.
    Channel 9 Lori Brown has learned that millions of dollars has not gone out to minority subcontractors.
    It has been five weeks since the confetti fell and the doors opened for the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.
    Brown learned that 80 percent of the minority contractors who helped build the $500 million center are still waiting to get paid.
    Only 10 percent of the non-minority contractors have yet to be paid.
    When blueprint manager Janeiro Coulter saw the discrepancy between the two groups, it raised a red flag.
    "It just jumped off the page," said Coulter.
    Coulter said he has received several complaints.
    "People like to believe they can solve things themselves, so I generally don't hear from people until it's a crisis," said Coulter.
    Coulter met with contractor Balfour Beatty Wednesday.
    He said that while the prime contractor appears to be doing everything properly, the problems seem to be with the subcontractors under Beatty.
    "Balfour Beatty has said before and in the meeting today, that some of the contractors have not completed their paperwork correctly. And that's true. I know that's true. My response always is, 'You need to help them. That's what the program is about.' But they didn't say that they would," said Coulter.
    Brown asked if there have been similar issues with the Citrus Bowl, which was just renovated. Coulter said that to his knowledge those contractors have been paid.
    Coulter and a citizens' oversight committee will be going through each of the minority contracts to figure out why so many are still unpaid.

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