• 9 Investigates Orlando city commissioner owes thousands in code enforcement fines


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Orlando City Commissioner Regina Hill still owes tens of thousands of dollars in code fines, Channel 9's Mario Boone has learned.
    Orange County began fining Hill earlier this year for a junked car parked for three months in the driveway of a home she owns.
    Boone learned that the car has been removed, but that Hill owes the county $46,750 in code violation fines.
    The house where the car sat is empty and the power has been shut off. It was the scene of a SWAT team raid earlier this year.
    Boone was told that the county sent Hill a letter Aug. 27, demanding payment.
    Hill told Boone that she hasn't paid the fine. She said she didn't receive the notice and that she has become the primary caregiver for her grandson, following the unexpected death of her daughter over the summer.

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