• 911 calls show suspect in woman's stabbing grabbed phone from victim

    By: Megan Cruz


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - A newly released 911 call reveals what a man accused of stabbing a woman in the head said to investigators after she called them for help. 

    The stabbing happened inside a home in Titusville last month. 

    The suspect was at first reluctant to answer questions from dispatchers

    Benjamin Wright, 33, is still inside the Brevard County Jail on first-degree murder charges. 

    Titusville police say it was in early in the morning on Sept. 15 when a woman was stabbed several times in the head.

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    They rushed to the house after she called 911, but then someone else got on the line.

    “All right, and who got stabbed?” the dispatcher asked. 

    “My friend. There's blood everywhere and we need an ambulance immediately. She got stabbed in the head,” Wright said. 
    “OK, and by who?” asked the dispatcher. 
    “Um, we don't know,” Wright said.  

    According to the police report, Wright later confessed to the stabbing, but during the 911 call he insisted he had no idea who hurt his friend.

    Wright told the dispatcher the victim came up to his home with the wound. 

    Investigators said the victim later told them that Wright grabbed a knife and started stabbing her when she refused to have sex with him.

    The police report said Wright eventually confessed, saying he snapped, and thought she needed to die.

    He told investigators he had to stab her several times because it was harder than he thought, according to the report. 

    Investigators have never clarified the relationship between Wright and the victim.

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