• 911 dispatcher heard triple murder; suspect's voice ID'd in call


    ORLANDO, Fla. - WFTV learned a 911 dispatcher was listening while three homeless people were murdered inside a shed in Orange County.

    Leonard Lewis was arrested for the alleged murders Thursday.

    Channel 9’s Racquel Asa looked through newly released documents that show much of the state’s case against Lewis will rest largely on that 911 call.

    Deputies said Lewis murdered Richard Button, Steve Lemme and Deborah Watson on March 17.

    He was arrested nearly 20 days after deputies discovered the three bodies.

    During Lewis’s court appearance Thursday, the judge referenced the investigation by detectives.

    “This is a very detailed report, and a pretty good investigation by law enforcement,” the judge said.

    The four-page arrest report details the 911 call Watson made just before she died.

    The report states she told the dispatcher, ”He just shot another,” and then a gunshot was heard and a man in the background said, “Yup, another one dead.”

    Three people who listened to the voice in the background said it was Lewis’, including Watson’s son.

    He knew Lewis because Watson was reportedly in an abusive relationship with Lewis.

    The report explains why deputies didn’t find the bodies until the day after the shootings.

    Deputies only searched the building where Lewis and another man were found.

    Lewis’ attorney said he also just received that information.

    Deputies said Lewis bought two 9mm guns from a friend.

    The same friend identified Lewis in the 911 call.

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    911 dispatcher heard triple murder; suspect's voice ID'd in call