• Suspect says he wasn't robbing bank, just 'getting some cheeseburgers'


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A man arrested on charges of robbing an Orlando bank told WFTV he was just "getting some cheeseburgers."

    However, according to police, that man and an accomplice went into the Chase bank on South Orange Avenue to steal money.

    Police said the two were quick, but authorities moved in and were able to apprehend both suspects.

    "They got here pretty fast, that's all I can say," said witness Dawn Bradley

    The arrested suspect, whose name hasn’t been released, denied he was at the bank to rob it.

    "What were you doing in the bank, sir?" WFTV reporter Tim Barber asked.

    "I was eating cheese," he replied.

    "You were eating cheese in the bank?  Were you robbing the bank, sir?" Barber asked.

    "No, I was getting some cheeseburgers," he said.

    "Did you have a gun?" Barber asked. "What were you looking for in the bank?"

    "No, I didn't have a gun," he replied.

    One woman, who didn’t want to be identified, said the incident started when one of the men handed the teller a note, but officers moved in quickly.

    Customer Curtis Haston said he was also in line when the situation went down.

    "What happened when they took him down?" Barber asked.

    "Nothing, no incident. They just took him down," Haston said.

    "What did they say?" asked Barber.

    "Just, 'Get down. Put your hands behind your back.' That was it," said Haston.

    The other man took off, but was caught nearby, police said. His name also hasn’t been released.

    Because of Chase bank's company policy, none of its employees would talk to WFTV.

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