• Police: Fugitive suspect in child molestation case defrauded home buyers out of $300K


    OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. - Loomes Wheeler Jr., suspected of raping a child, is nowhere to be found.

    Wheeler disappeared a day before he was supposed to have a hearing on property default charges.

    The only trace he left behind is the court-ordered GPS that he cut off and left in his drive way.

    David Saporito owns the Brevard County company Court Resources, which was supposed to keep track of it, but no one called until seven hours later.

    Court Resources' website says, "Come to us for the best in sex offender monitoring devices," but Osceola County deputies said after Wheeler cut his off just before 2 a.m. Monday, the employee ignored the alert thinking it was a false alarm.

    Wheeler was a no-show at the Osceola County courthouse Tuesday.

    He was set to face a man, Pedro Mont III, who said Wheeler defrauded him out of $300,000.

    "A horrific nightmare, every night I'd wake up, 'When is this going to be over?'" Mont said.

    According to court documents, Mont and his wife paid Wheeler $300,000 for the home with a mother-in-law house, but Wheeler put the deed in his own name.

    That began Mont's three-year-long legal battle.

    "I almost gave up, but I said I have too much invested there, all my life savings are invested there. I wasn't going to give up," Mont said.

    While a search is on to find Wheeler after he cut off his GPS monitor, a presumed relative who lives in Bonaire, Ga., did fax an emergency motion on Wheeler's behalf to try to get his hearing continued.

    The judge denied the request and will be notifying Bonaire authorities to see if Christoper Shawn Wheeler happens to know where Loomes Wheeler is.

    The judge also ruled that Wheeler committed fraudulent acts against Mont and his wife.

    The judge gave them immediate and exclusive possession of the property.

    "(I am) excited, on top of the world, I'm floating. I still think I'm dreaming, and I don't want to wake up," Mont said.

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