• Accused killer Markeith Loyd is cleared to represent himself in court


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Accused killer Markeith Loyd is "competent to make the decision to waive counsel," a judge said Thursday.

    Loyd, 41, is accused of killing Orlando police Lt. Debra Clayton on Jan. 9 and his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Sade Dixon, in December.

    Loyd faced Chief Judge Frederick J. Lauten, who asked Loyd to keep his language clean.

    Raw: Markeith Loyd discusses representation options with judge

    “I and the other individuals in this courtroom; I intend to treat you with respect and dignity because you’re owed that as a human being. I don’t intend to be disrespectful to you Mr. Loyd. I’m not going to curse at you and I’m going to ask you not to curse at me, or others,” Lauten said. "I need some cooperation from you."

    In Loyd’s previous meetings with judges, he repeatedly cursed and went on rants.

    On Thursday, however, Loyd sat quietly for the most part, but at times, refused to answer the judge’s questions. 

    Loyd seemed determined to represent himself, and proceeded to curse in the courtroom. 

    Lauten asked Loyd several questions about representing himself, but he did not answer.

    “Mr. Loyd, do you intent to represent yourself or hire an attorney?” asked Lauten.

    “I don’t know. Ever since I’ve been beaten, they haven’t let me talk to nobody. I haven’t talked to my family, haven’t got a phone call. I only took one shower. I haven’t did (expletive),” said Loyd.

    In the end, Lauten decided that Loyd could make the decision to represent himself. 

    Lauten also said he will allow Loyd to make a call to his family to determine whether he is able to or wants to hire an attorney.

    Loyd’s family left the courtroom without saying a word, although Loyd did stop stop to smile at them as he was led out of the courtroom. 

    Loyd was also in court Wednesday for a first appearance on a charge of resisting arrest.

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    Loyd cursed at a judge and questioned the charge of resisting arrest without violence.

    “I’m here for what? Resisting arrest? Is that what happened to me? (Expletive) you, man, (expletive) you,” Loyd said.

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    Loyd said he will represent himself during proceedings, but Channel 9’s legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said the court might have to make adjustments if Loyd continues to have outbursts.

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    “If they can't get him in under control, you bet they can design it where he is in a room, where he is watching the proceedings, where he can participate, but not in a position to be disruptive,” said Sheaffer. 

    You can watch Wednesday's court appearance below:

    Markeith Loyd made his first court appearance on charges he shot and killed Orlando Lt. Debra Clayton.
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