Accused Walmart diaper thief shooter ordered to jail

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — An Orange County man accused of shooting a diaper thief at Walmart was ordered back to the Orange County Jail Friday.

Lonnie Leonard is charged with manslaughter in the February shooting death of 19-year-old Arthur Adams, deputies said.

Leonard, who has been out on bail, was ordered by a judge to live with his sister, however, Channel 9's Jeff Deal learned earlier this month that he was living back at his home.

Neighbors complained that Leonard moved back to his house and was causing problems after getting out of jail.

“I believe this man thinks he can do anything he wants. It's just a game to him. He was told to stay at sister's house,” neighbor Edward Mena told Eyewitness News.

Prosecutors asked the judge to revoke his pre-trial release.

Leonard claims he told his attorney he moved, but even his own attorney admitted he didn't remember that.

"I just think it's a miscommunication on our part,” defense attorney Ted Marrero said.

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The judge ruled Leonard was in violation of his pre-trial release and was taken into custody.

Leonard is due back in court in December.

Jeff Deal

Jeff Deal, WFTV.com

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