• Action 9 gets results


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Action 9 wants to update viewers on new developments in several investigations that helped three consumers win their battles against a cellphone provider, an insurance company and a homeowner's association.

    First, a report about Carol Detrick, who can now park the truck with her mobility scooter lift in the driveway without fearing a fine.

    “The HOA has dropped their case against me,” said Deitrick.

    Deitrick called Action 9 after the Brighton Lakes Association found the lift made her truck a commercial vehicle, which isn't allowed to be parked at home, and threatened fines.

    Action 9 contacted legal experts who said that could violate federal fair housing. Two weeks later, the HOA dropped the violation.

    “All the information you came up with showed the HOA was wrong. I got my transportation,” said Deitrick.

    In another case, Mark Sears faced a $600 cellphone cancelation fee until he contacted Action 9.

    “It always seems the consumer gets the short end of the stick,” said Sears.

    Sprint had changed contract terms and that can allow consumers who don't like it to cancel without penalty.

    Action 9 raised the issue with Sprint and saved Mark $600.

    Marie Lehan's husband died and she was told his Banker's Life Insurance death benefit was denied because the policy was just a few months old.

    “It's killing me,” Lehan said.

    Action 9's investigation found his policy had been taken out two years ago.

    A month after Action 9 contacted the company's corporate office, Lehan received a bank transfer for the full amount of more than $5,600.

    “You made me the happiest woman. Now I can sleep a little bit,” said Lehan.

    Action 9 found the insurance agent had replaced the current policy with a new one that increased his commission.

    Lehan had borrowed money for her husband's funeral. Now she can pay off that debt.

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    Action 9 gets results