• Action 9 investigates bank account hackers


    ORLANDO, Fla. - An Orange County couple claims criminals wiped out their children's college fund by hacking into their bank account, then the bank refused to believe them.

    Bob and Vanessa McSorley had a jump-start on their twins' college fund, with more than $7,000 in a savings account.

    But last month, Bob could not believe what he found checking his Chase Bank account online.

    "It was scary," he said.

    The McSorleys found two wire transfers had sent their $7,000 to a mysterious California location, so they filed a fraud claim with Chase that day.

    "They told us it would take about 10 days, and they assured us it would be put back," said Bob.

    Instead, Chase denied any refund and sent the couple a letter telling them research revealed they had received the funds.

    Bob said he couldn't believe it.

    "They came right out in the letter and said, 'You are the ones that did this,'" he said.

    The McSorleys called Action 9 and reporter Todd Ulrich turned to Chase Bank, which said it had already started another investigation. This time, Chase said it was a case of fraud and the couple would get all their money back.

    The bank believed the fraud started in their home when someone hacked their computers. Chase said a third party stole account numbers, passwords and cell contacts, everything needed to wire their cash.

    Computer experts said threats are increasing to online bank accounts because criminals can easily access passwords.

    "If you have a virus on your computer that was sending those files somewhere, then they can access that kind of data from those files," said Josh Phillips with Pro Vision.

    Bob admits he could do more to protect his information, but he argues, so can the bank.

    "I thought we were protected and obviously we weren't," he said.

    Chase also said the couple's denial letter had been sent before the investigation was completed.

    The bank said antivirus programs should always be updated. Also remember not to save passwords on your computer.

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    Action 9 investigates bank account hackers