• Action 9 investigates big bank cover up


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A Brevard County family claims a popular bank covered up massive mold damage before it sold them a foreclosed house.

    Willis and Dlorah Rock have since sued Wells Fargo and another lender, claiming the companies never disclosed the damage they claim is now making their family sick.

    "You just can't imagine how heartbreaking it is to see your kids get sick on a monthly basis," said Willis Rock.

    The Rocks said their four children became ill within weeks of moving in and they're blaming black mold under the paint, inside cabinets and all over the home.

    Neighbors told the family that the home had been flooded and abandoned for months before Wells Fargo and Carrington Mortgage Services took over the property.

    "I blame the bank. They knew about it. It's as plain as day. All the proof they knew about but did not tell us," said Dlorah Rock.

    The Rocks sued the lenders that and forced them to turn over some pictures showing how extreme the mold damage was. Internal documents revealed contractors said it would cost nearly $36,000 to repair but the lenders only spent $16,000 then sold the house "as is" without disclosing mold damage.

    Action 9 showed the documents to real estate attorney Karen Wonsetler. Even in foreclosures, she said a bank can't remain silent about damage it knows about.

    "You have to tell the truth. You have to tell of any known latent defects," said Wonsetler.

    The Rocks want the lenders to buy the house back and cover all their expenses for a three-year nightmare that has not yet ended.

    "We're living proof that we got the shaft, and now our family's paying for it," said Willis Rock.

    In its court response, Wells Fargo blamed the mold problems on leaks in the home's exterior walls and maintenance issues since the sale.

    The Rocks deny that.

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    Action 9 investigates big bank cover up