• Action 9 investigates errant child-support payments


    CENTRAL FLORIDA - Action 9 investigates a child-support nightmare with a twist.

    A father claims his employer withheld child support funds that never reached the state, or his kids.

    When he couldn't get answers from the Department of Revenue, he turned to Todd Ulrich for help.

    Tommy Henry admits making huge mistakes.

    "I've been going through so much, sir, it's unbelievable," Henry said.

    The father of four lost a job and failed to pay nearly $10,000 in child support.

    Last summer, Henry started full time as a home health aide.

    As a court ordered, his employer, Lamadone Registry, withheld a big chunk of every paycheck to send to the state for his kids.

    Henry says his employer kept the money for herself.

    Henry showed receipts suggesting some money was not sent to his kids' account. He said at least $1,000.

    Henry said when he complained to the Florida Department of Revenue about his employer keeping some of the cash, he got nowhere.

    "The state keep telling me, 'I have nothing to do with that.' I have to take it up with my employer," Henry said.

    Lamadone Registry is based in Lake Mary. The company president is Odette Constant.

    Constant showed records and then Action 9 contacted the Department of Revenue. Its investigation found the company had failed to forward at least two payments, nearly $450.

    Constant blamed the state's bookkeeping and said Henry made false accusations, but said all back payments had now been sent.

    In the past two years, Eyewitness News has tried to help 46 others who claimed their child support cases were mishandled by the state.

    Many involved money paid into the system that had not reached recipients.

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