• Action 9 investigates major cable company


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Action 9 investigated complaints against the biggest cable company in the country. Many local customers blame Comcast for billing errors, equipment failures and poor customer service.

    Action 9 spoke with a few of the 30 customers who complained to us, including Colleen Chandler, who said the company charged her for a broken DVR for nine month, but that's not all.

    "You paid for higher-speed Internet. Did you get it?" asked Action 9's Todd Ulrich.

    "No, I did not, and it was never the speed they charged us for," said Chandler.

    Chandler also said calls to Comcast failed to fix the problem.

    Deanne Walters called Action 9 after she accidentally overpaid her Comcast bill by $1,000 online. Walters said after 10 weeks she could not get her money back.

    "I need my money to live on. I need to pay my bills," she said.

    The next week, Walters collected her refund and Action 9 helped 10 others resolve service or refund complaints.

    Many customers have contacted Florida's Division of Consumer Services.

    Since 2010, more than 3,200 customers complained to the state about Comcast. Compare that to Florida's second-largest provider, Bright House, with 365 complaints.

    Comcast told Action 9 that's less than half of 1 percent of its customers, and many complaints were really just comments. They said its success rate resolving complaints has dramatically improved.

    But some consumers disagree.

    "I have a different cable company now, and I'm just fine," said Chandler.

    Comcast also told Action 9 it offers far more products beyond cable than other companies, so that could increase complaint numbers, and it said a new customer service program is in place.

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    Action 9 investigates major cable company