• Action 9 investigates missing $30,000 in gold coins


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - A Palm Bay woman told Channel 9 she lost $30,000 trying to buy gold coins and she blames a rare coin shop in Melbourne.

    According to the woman, she paid the money for American Eagle gold coins six months ago but the shop never delivered them.

    The woman didn't want to be identified but said the gold coin investment was meant to protect her retirement.

    “I couldn't sleep. I keep praying, saying, 'Lord, please help me,'" the victim said.

    She saw television ads for the American Eagle gold coins that offered big returns. Instead of buying them online, she went to a rare coins and precious metals shop in Melbourne.

    She said the owner sold her $30,000 in gold coins and a receipt shows she paid cash the same day.

    “He said it would take approximately two weeks to get the coins," the victim said.

    But two weeks turned into six months with no coins and she said she only got empty promises to return the cash.

    The consumer called the Attorney General's Seniors Against Crime program, but contacted Channel 9 after nothing fixed the situation.

    Eyewitness News' Todd Ulrich confronted the owner of the coin shop, John Kane.

    “I just don't know how you can do this,” Ulrich said.

    “Todd, come on, don't do this in my shop. It’s a private shop right now,” Kane said.

    “It is, but this is a public matter if you took her money” Ulrich said.

    “Turn that off so we can talk," Kane said.

    Kane told Ulrich that he ordered the coins through Tulving Company in California, which went bankrupt a week later. He said he's been working to get the woman's money back ever since.

    Days after Ulrich intervened, Kane signed an agreement through the state's program to repay all the money. The Melbourne shop just made its first refund payment, with a commitment to the full amount.

    The Secret Service said it's investigating the Tulving Company for not delivering gold coin ordered nationwide.

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