• After months of delays, some Seminole State students still waiting for financial aid

    By: Samantha Manning


    SANFORD, Fla. - When Hurricane Irma hit Central Florida in September, Seminole State College officials said the storm had delayed the disbursement of financial aid to students.

    By mid-October, more than 500 students were still without their aid payments.

    Now, with only a month left until graduation for some, there are 30 students who still haven’t received their financial aid.

    Krystal Brooks, a business management student who co-owns Seafood Heaven in Apopka, is one of those 30.

    “Every week, ‘Oh, you should get a call back next week. Call back next week. Call back next week,’” she said of her efforts to get the $2,500 she needs for school. “It’s just excuse after excuse after excuse.

    “They’re just letting students down.”

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    Seminole State says student loan disbursements delayed by Hurricane Irma

    More than 500 students still waiting for financial aid from Seminole State College after Irma

    Seminole State officials say the delays for the final 30 students stem from conflicting information in their student files.

    Employees are working to resolve the issue, school officials said.

    Brooks said she just wants to get her aid settled as soon as possible so she can get back to focusing on her family’s future and her upcoming graduation.

    “I need to be able to graduate, and this right now is really becoming an obstacle,” she said.

    A Seminole State College spokesperson released the following statement on the financial aid delays:

    "We want to remind students to email fahelp@seminolestate.edu and provide their name and student ID number so that our financial aid staff can assist them personally, and to check their student portal regularly to ensure there are no documents they need to submit to complete their file. They are important to us, and our financial aid are working diligently to help them and process aid as quickly as possible."

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