• Agents find assault weapons, $150K worth of pot after drug arrest


    OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. - Investigators said they got $150,000 worth of marijuana and a stash of assault weapons off the streets, after deputies discovered drugs packed inside the trunk of a car.

    Agents said it was part of a dangerous operation that supplied drugs all over central Florida.

    It only took minutes for people watching the scene on Osceola Parkway to know it wasn't a routine traffic stop.

    "When we saw the dogs come out we know there was something going on. We seen them pull out bags of something," said witness Jesse Calderon.

    It turned out to be bags of marijuana. Investigators said they pulled 10 pounds of pot from the trunk of a car driven by Donald Winters. They say he had just left a house four miles away.

    A woman at the house Winters was said to have left from slammed the door quickly when WFTV reporter Nancy Alvarez stopped by to ask questions about Winters.

    Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation agents said they have been watching the house on West Emmett Street for two weeks. They said that Tuesday they started seeing activity.

    "We started to see some cars come and go and taking packages out of the house," said MBI Director Larry Zwieg.

    Zwieg said agents followed Winters' car and returned to the house to find Omar Azize loading another 40 pounds of marijuana into a car.  Agents say the convicted felon lives at the house and kept seven guns, including four assault weapons inside.

    The house is just a couple of blocks from Osceola High School.

    "Our goal is to work our way up the organization and get to the parts of the organization that are bringing it into central Florida," said Zwieg.

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    Agents find assault weapons, $150K worth of pot after drug arrest