• Air traffic controllers call out sick, cause delays at Orlando International Airport

    By: Michael Lopardi , James Tutten


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Air traffic controllers are among the employees who are working without pay and, on Friday, an increase in sick calls led to delays at several airports, including Orlando International Airport.

    Fights were still delayed Friday evening from a variety of places -- especially New York and Atlanta.

    We just got an update from Orlando International Airport officials who said 55 arriving and 34 departing flights were delayed 30 minutes or more.

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    A spokeswoman said the staffing issues at two air traffic control centers, including one in Jacksonville, are playing a role in the delays, but she couldn't say for sure how many of those delays are a direct result of the problem.

    The Federal Aviation Administration said it had to increase staffing, reroute some traffic and increase space between planes.

    Some passengers from Newark Liberty International Airport said they left the gate on time, only to sit on the plane for an hour.

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    Considering the way air travel is connected, some of these delays caused a domino effect throughout the system.

    Things are still changing, so you'll need to keep a close eye on your flight if you're traveling Friday.

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