• "All I heard is 'love, love love' and 'queen, queen, queen.'" Accused Lana Del Rey stalker defiant

    By: Chip Skambis

    ORLANDO, Fla. -

    During a hearing before a judge Sunday, a man accused of stalking Lana Del Rey was defiant and asked what he did wrong. 

    Prosecutors read many posts Michael Hunt, 43, made on Facebook that included statements like, "I love you, Lana. I can't wait to be back in your arms."

    "All I heard is ‘love, love, love' and ‘queen, queen, queen,'" Hunt replied. 

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    Hunt began the appearance with a long tirade about how his arrest came about, saying he was ambushed by officers who wouldn't tell him what was going on. 

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    "Detective Lundy asked who I was and what was I doing here," said Hunt. "I said, Sir, I've got the concert tickets in your hand. I said, I'm dressed for the concert, and I said, and I'm going to the concert. There's no warrants for my arrest, what could I possibly be doing wrong?"

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    The judge denied Hunt bail at the hearing. 

    Hunt was arrested outside the Amway Center with tickets to see Lana Del Rey and a knife Friday on stalking charges, Orlando police said. 

    The Riverview man is facing an aggravated stalking charge.

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    Police received a tip Friday that Hunt posed a credible threat to Del Rey after finding multiple "cryptic and threatening" posts on social media, according to the arrest report. 

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    Hunt has 61 felony convictions, the report says. 

    Police found Hunt at the corner of Hughey Avenue and Central Boulevard, a block from the concert, though exactly how they found him was blacked out in the arrest report. 

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    Hunt did not make contact with the artist at any point, police said. 

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    "The Orlando Police Department always has security measures in place for all venues and events - some of those are visible, and some are not meant to be visible," said spokeswoman Michelle Guido in a statement. "It is our top priority to ensure the safety of all residents and visitors to the City of Orlando."

    Hunt is being held in the Orange County Jail without bail. 

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