• Allegations of violent UCF fraternity hazing emerge


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Another University of Central Florida fraternity is in trouble after being accused of violent pledge hazing.

    University officials told WFTV the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity is now on suspension for allegations of hazing. No arrests have been made.

    Officials caught wind of the hazing after a student who attended an anti-hazing and bullying program on campus came forward with claims about Alpha Tau Omega.

    "One of our speakers here in September, urged students to report any hazing to the university or if they’re not comfortable, report it to him," said Chad Binette, UCF spokesperson.

    According to a report from the student, pledges were forced into a room and told to drink a certain amount of alcohol before they could leave. Then they were locked inside. Then, they were taken from room to room and encountered a different scenario in each one.

    The report also states that in one room, pledges were forced to stand in a bucket of ice water, do wall-sits while being beaten, and recite fraternity information while being blindfolded.

    “We take allegations like this very serious and we’re going to take a thorough look at them,” said Binette.

     The fraternity released a statement Friday afternoon:

    “The Alpha Tau Omega fraternity is in the middle of investigating allegations of hazing at the University of Central Florida ATO chapter.  It is the fraternity's practice not to release details of any investigation. However, to date, we've found no evidence of hazing.”

    University officials say this is the early stages of the investigation and so far police have not gotten involved.

    Later this month, there will be a hearing where the ATO fraternity can give their side of the story.

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    Allegations of violent UCF fraternity hazing emerge