• Alleged corruption in Chicago could influence red-light ticket cases in Kissimmee


    KISSIMMEE, Fla. - Channel 9 has found an investigation into corruption in Chicago could get your red-light tickets thrown out in central Florida.

    The same red-light camera company that is used in Chicago is also in charge of the cameras in Kissimmee. Channel 9 learned a local attorney is trying to use the investigation there to get red-light tickets thrown out locally.

    The attorney filed a motion with Osceola County court saying the red-light camera evidence the Chicago company supplies should be called into question based on what's happening in other parts  of the country.

    Since 2012, the cameras have brought in $2.3 million for the city and state.  But now, RedFlex, the company who has helped bring in every dollar from every red-light ticket, is accused of showering a Chicago city official with thousands of dollars in free trips.

    Osceola attorney Joel Mumford told Channel 9 those allegations jeopardize RedFlex's credibility, which he said is important, because the company submits the red-light camera video as evidence.

    “It's like having a witness that had a serious credibility issue in any kind of trial, and they are trying to introduce all the evidence. It's going to be a big problem,” said Mumford.

    Mumford is representing 40 clients, and he hopes a judge looks at the motion and considers putting a halt on all red-light camera hearings.

    That time would allow the attorney to investigate the company RedFlex to see if they've done anything illegal.

    The attorney who filed this motion said if he finds RedFlex traffic solutions has done anything illegal, it has the potential to get current red-light camera cases thrown out.

    Kissimmee officials declined to comment on the issue.

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