• Police: Devil-worshiping male escort killed man over $800


    ORMOND BEACH, Fla. - A man accused of killing another man outside of an Ormond Beach home was a male escort and a devil worshiper, according to a police report.

    Investigators said 36-year-old Billy Davis was found dead on his family's estate in Ormond Beach on Friday.

    Dillon O'Donnell, 18, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

    Investigators said Davis and O’Donnell met online on a dating website.

    Police said they found information about Davis' killer on a dating site on his phone. They were able to track O'Donnell to a home where he lived with roommates, police said.

    O'Donnell's roommate, Wrath Adonis, said he spray-painted the number  666 on the walls and on the side of the house.  Adonis said the spray-painting happened  just a few weeks before Davis was killed.

    "I've never known anyone to just because they just started conforming to Satanism just immediately want to just kill someone so maliciously," said Adonis.

    Police said the motive of the killing was an $800 debt, and that O'Donnell was dabbling in a career as male escort.

    Authorities also said that O'Donnell met Davis, who he called his "sugar daddy," online.

    Police said Davis picked O'Donnell up last Thursday night.

    They said Davis' aunt called 911 when she spotted someone suspicious on the side of their home.

    Police said they believe it was O'Donnell who killed Davis just before he was spotted.

    At that point, investigators said O'Donnell stabbed Davis several times and beat him to death with a lawn ornament.

    "Does it surprise you that he could be so violent?" WFTV reporter Blaine Tolison asked.

    "Yes, very much," said Adonis.

    Detectives said they found out from his roommates that O'Donnell came home the night of the murder covered in blood, and they arrested him a day later.

    According to an arrest report, he is also a sexual predator.

    O'Donnell is in jail without bond.

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    Police: Devil-worshiping male escort killed man over $800