• Man on probation for prowling outside girl's window accused of same crime


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - A man was arrested on voyeurism charges in Volusia County after investigators found him hiding on the side of a home and looking through an 18-year-old woman's window.

    The homeowner’s daughter was the only person in the house at the time and authorities said when the rest of the family pulled up in the driveway about 1 a.m. they spotted Daniel Bonano, 28, hiding on the side of the house.

    Peter Behnke called 911 after seeing Bonano on the side of the house.

    "It looks like there's somebody on the side of my house," he told dispatchers.

    Deputies said when they arrived Bonano popped up from behind the air-conditioning unit and ran away. Deputies tackled and handcuffed him while Bonano yelled, "I want to die. Please just shoot me," investigators said.

    The arresting deputies told Bonano that wasn't going to happen, to which he said they replied, "You don't understand man. I'm on probation for doing the same thing."

    None of the residents knew Bonano, who has been arrested before for similar offenses, according to investigators.

    Investigators said Bonano is currently on probation after accusations he peeped at a former co-worker's daughter in November.

    In January Bonano pleaded guilty to prowling outside of Shannon Flo's house in November, a couple blocks from the Behnke's.

    "I was scared because he was looking in my daughter's window. She's 5," said Flo.

    Bonano had a month to go of his six-month probation sentence, Channel 9 learned.

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    Man on probation for prowling outside girl's window accused of same crime