American Airlines flight has tire blowout before takeoff from OIA, authorities say

Two tires blew out on Americans Airlines flight 178 as it was about to take off from Orlando International Airport on Monday, airport authorities said.

The plane, which never made it off the ground, was scheduled to go to Los Angeles International Airport.

OIA officials said the 158 passengers and six crew members on board were safely taken off the plane and bused to the terminal.

No one was injured.

Former college basketball coach Tim Fuller was on the flight and sent Channel 9 video of the scene.

He said the plane was speeding up and then he heard a loud “boom” and a screeching noise.

He said he saw smoke before the plane began to shake, then spin around to a complete stop.

Runway 18 remains closed.

American Airlines has not said how affected passengers will be compensated.

American Airlines released a statement that read, "American Airlines Flight 178 encountered a mechanical issue prior to departure from Orlando International Airport. All 158 passengers and six crew members deplaned via air stairs, and will return by bus to the terminal building.

The Boeing 737 is currently being evaluated by our maintenance team. We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience, and are working to get them to Los Angeles as soon as possible."