• Another female bear, two cubs captured in area where woman was attacked


    LONGWOOD, Fla. - The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission said they captured an adult female bear and her two cubs Monday in the same Longwood neighborhood where a woman was attacked last week.         

    The bears have been taken to a rehabilitation facility, where officials said they will be housed temporarily.

    Wildlife officials will continue efforts to capture the bear's third cub.

    Officials said trapping has been suspended in the neighborhood. Target bears are typically captured within the first four days of trapping efforts.

    "The FWC will continue to work with this community and our partners to continue to vigilantly monitor the neighborhood, and, if needed, resume trapping efforts," said Nick Wiley, executive director of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

    Officials said cameras will remain in the area so biologists can continue to monitor the wooded areas of the community, where bears have been reported.

    Three other bears, including a year-old cub, have walked right into traps set in the Longwood neighborhood, now known as the site of the worst bear attack in Florida history.

    The yearling that was caught on Dec. 3 remains in captivity and is doing well, officials said.

    Only the baby bear was allowed to live, a 200-plus-pound male and female were both euthanized upon capture.

    It happened despite the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's public promise they'd be tested first.

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    Another female bear, two cubs captured in area where woman was attacked