• Video captures security guard arresting woman after allegedly firing gun


    ORLANDO, Fla. - An Orlando apartment complex security guard is accused of putting those he was hired to protect in danger by firing his weapon.

    Claudy Petit Frere was arrested Sunday night after police said he got into a confrontation with a resident at the Nassau Bay Apartments in Orange County.

    Cellphone video recorded by a witness shows some of what happened. Investigators said Petit Frere went beyond the bounds of his job as a security guard at the complex.

    "You're supposed to be a security guard, you're supposed to be out here to protect and serve," resident Dona Barconey said.

    Barconey said after her family started recording video, Petit Frere confronted her sister.

    "(He) threw her on the ground and handcuffed her, then read her her rights," Barconey said.

    A police report states Dona Barconey's sister was arguing with another woman over the whereabouts of her purse. According to the family, the security guard got involved after the incident and that's when shots were fired.

    "He came in the street and that's when the man pulled out the gun and started shooting," Marquan Barconey said.

    Petit Frere told police he feared for his life at the moment and only fired warning shots. But his bullets struck the building nearby, where residents were inside. No one was injured.

    "There were too many people out here, my kids were out here when he was shooting," Dona Barconey said.

    Petit Frere is facing several charges for allegedly opening fire, including shooting into a dwelling, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and improper exhibition of a weapon.

    State records show Petit Frere is licensed to be a security guard and has a statewide firearms license. Eyewitness News contacted the man's employer, Signal 88, but has not heard back.

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    Video captures security guard arresting woman after allegedly firing gun