Apopka keeps longtime city employee despite lie about prostitution arrest

APOPKA, Fla. — WFTV found out Apopka’s longtime community development director covered up his prostitution arrest when he applied for the job.

Even so, Mayor Joe Kilsheimer has put Jay Davoll on a committee to replace the former city attorney who resigned over his connection to a brothel.

Channel 9’s Kathi Belich asked Davoll why he didn't disclose the informatiom about his arrest.

“A long time ago, after it happened, I prayed through it. God forgave me. I didn’t pick up on it, and I just had really forgot about it and moved on,” Davoll said.

Davoll said he forgot in 1996 that 10 years earlier his mug shot was taken after records stated he was recorded offering $25 to an undercover officer for sex.

He pleaded no contest and paid a fine.

The city was told about the incident last year.

The law firm that investigated recommended last December that the city fire him in January, saying, “If Mr. Davoll were to remain employed, the City might not be able in the future to terminate other employees for similar falsifications."

Kilsheimer refused to fire Davoll.

“He admitted what he did was wrong. He apologized for it. He’s never going to do it again, and he’s going to suffer the consequences,” Kilsheimer said.

Last month, the city cut Davoll’s pay by 5 percent, from $143,000 to $136,000 a year, put him on probation for a year and made him complete a new application honestly.

The mayor said he wants Davoll’s input on the new city attorney because the attorney will be dealing with a lot of land-use issues and that’s the area of Davoll’s expertise.