• Apopka red-light camera violations decrease may force taxpayers to pay for program


    APOPKA, Fla. - Fewer drivers in Apopka are getting caught by the city’s red-light cameras after the city added an extra second to the yellow light at all its red-light camera intersections.

    WFTV found out taxpayers may end up footing the bill for the red-light camera program since the extra time isn’t translating well for the city’s bottom line.

    At the Park Avenue and Main Street intersection, 202 drivers were issued violations last March.

    But last month, there were only 44 violations, a 78 percent drop, and not enough for the program to pay for itself, since it takes 60 violations to pay for a program.

    “If it continues to do what it’s doing, then maybe we need to rethink those cameras at those intersections,” said Chuck Vavrek, who runs the red-light camera program.

    City officials added the extra time to the yellow light out of safety.

    Crash data from the last month, however, has yet to show the change is making a difference because crashes have remained the same.

    City officials said they can’t make any decision on the program with just one month of data.

    They said they plan to keep an eye on the program over the next three to six months.

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