• Atheist group hands out fliers in Orange Co. schools, still might sue


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Orange County Public Schools on Thursday allowed an atheist group to distribute fliers to students at about a dozen high schools, but that might not be enough to keep the group from taking legal action against the district.

    The atheists said even though the district gave the OK to distribute fliers at schools, they said the district censored some other material.

    On Thursday, the atheist group carried boxes filled with fliers critical of religion to the 11 high schools. The move was a response to a Christian group, World Changers, distributing Bibles at the same schools in January.

    Many students seemed unfazed, however.

    "If they're allowed to put Bibles on a table, they should be allowed to put fliers," said Apopka High School student Janitzo Medina.

    Others said there is a difference between the two.

    "No one is handing you a Bible saying you have to believe in this," said student Cayla Leigh. "This is saying, 'This is why you shouldn't believe in that.'"

    One of the many controversial quotes in one of the atheists' flier said Jesus scorned his mother, something Christians said isn't true.

    "I thought it was horrible and rude, and you shouldn't be able to do that," said student Kimberly Stuckey.

    Remarkably, the group distributing the atheist fliers agrees.

    "None of our materials should (have to) be distributed, but we want to ensure that if the Bible or any other materials are distributed that ours are as well," said David Williamson of the Central Florida Free Thought Community.

    The group said it may still sue the district because it banned books that insulted Jesus and the prophet Muhammad, had sexual content and discussed abortion.

    Channel 9 obtained the seven-page letter in which the district spells out its reasons. Among them, it won't allow materials that "insult the leaders of other religions" or "is not age-appropriate."

    The attorney of the group that distributed the bibles told Channel 9 they think it is fair that the atheist group had its turn on Thuesday.

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