Attorney accused of stealing from clients delays releasing her finances

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — A judge had some tough words Friday for an Orange County attorney at the center of an FBI investigation in which she’s accused of stealing millions of dollars from her clients.

Julie Kronhaus was arrested in Seminole County earlier this week on a contempt charge.

She was later transferred to the Orange County jail and in court on Friday, a judge made Kronhaus’ options very clear—she has to fill out a three-page form, or go to jail.

Kronhaus told the judge she had an excuse for missing court and ignoring a court order to fill out a financial disclosure form.

“I honestly didn’t remember that I got served,” she said, blaming the lapse in memory on her legal troubles.

“I think I just got confused,” she said.

Several of Kronhaus’ clients sued her for embezzling millions of dollars.

The victims in the case in Orange County were awarded about $1.3 million.

In March, a judge ordered Kronhaus to pay a couple $2.7 million, and there are more cases pending, but the victims need Kronhaus to fill out a form to get the money.

She must list assets like bank accounts and her home in Longwood, valued at more than $900,000 by the county property appraiser.

“In these cases, the victim doesn’t usually get satisfaction of judgement. Or if they do, it’s usually pennies on the dollar,” said WFTV Legal analyst Bill Sheaffer.

The judge gave her 15 days to fill out the form, or spend 30 days behind bars.

“You hold the key ma’am, to your own cell,” said Judge Keith White.

The federal investigation is still ongoing.

There are still no criminal charges against Kronhaus.

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Updated: A disbarred attorney, whose clients have accused her of embezzling $1.5 million of their money, has been arrested after failing to come to a court hearing in a civil lawsuit against her. Julie Kronhaus was arrested Tuesday after an Orange County judge ordered her arrest for not appearing at a May 18 hearing.