• Attorney for man arrested in ninja-style robbery talks to WFTV


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Channel 9's Julie Salomone sat down and talked to the attorney of a man who investigators said was part of a group believed to be behind a half dozen home invasions in Orange and Collier counties.
    Investigators said the men, who dressed in ninja-style black clothing, targeted wealthy homes.
    Anne Wedge-McMillen said her client, Frank Bower, wasn't deeply involved in the robberies.
    Bower was arrested, along with Jonathan Contreras and Andres Perez, in connection with what investigators believe was a failed robbery attempt at a Dr. Phillips-area home.
    Wedge-McMillen said she believes the investigation crosses state lines and that more arrests will be made.
    "This organization, I have reason to believe, is pretty much independent of Mr. Bower," said Wedge-McMillen.
    Court documents show the suspects were under surveillance when they bought prepaid phones.

    Nearly a week later they were observed walking along a property where investigators said they tried to break into a home before they were caught.
    Bower's defense attorney believes investigators may have gotten permission to tap suspects' phones.
    "They were receiving some kind of information that they were going to be purchasing prepaid phones," said Wedge-McMillen.
    She believes high-tech surveillance led authorities to a home once owned by former 'N Sync band member Joey Fatone, where the suspects were picked up.
    "They didn't just luck out and happen to find the people on their way to commit, allegedly, a crime," said Wedge-McMillen.
    Channel 9's Julie Salomone found that two counties in Texas are investigating similar robberies, which happened two weeks before the Windermere home invasion.

    Bower's attorney said the next step in the case is for the state to file formal charges and then the defense will be entitled to see all the evidence.

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    Attorney for man arrested in ninja-style robbery talks to WFTV