• Baylor ready for the SPCA's Run for Rescues


    The SPCA’s Run for Rescues is this weekend and Baylor is ready! 

    We’ve worked hard these past three months to help transform his body and his health. 

    I am proud to report he’s lost nearly 10 pounds and eight inches off his waist. We have given him a better quality of life and added two years to his life span.

    But it hasn’t been easy.

    We took him to Barking Dog Fitness at Rocky’s Retreat twice a week where he built up his endurance in the pool and worked out on the dog tread mill. 

    He also got to use some Pilates equipment for dogs to work on his core, and had plenty of playtime with his canine buddies and girlfriend, Callie.

    Once he was stronger, Baylor and I started running together. We started off slowly with intervals, running for a few minutes then running for a few minutes.

    He can now run several miles without stopping and he loves it.

    I’ve always been a runner, but now when I go out to train, I take Baylor with me. We put my 2-year-old in the jogging stroller and take off on a family adventure. It’s been great family time for all of us. 

    Baylor is also eating 100 percent whole foods from Rick’s Dog Deli. The food is so easy to digest and really helped him shed those last few pounds.

    I have learned so much through this process.

    My biggest take-away is that dogs’ bodies are so much like ours. If we eat right and exercise, we lose weight, improve our health and add years to our lives.

    But you can’t just do it with diet or exercise, it has to be a combination of the two.

    See Baylor’s transformation—with dramatic before and after visuals—on Eyewitness News at Noon on Tuesday, May 13.

    There are so many people I want to thank for helping me transform Baylor:

    • My friend and co- worker Marilyn Vaca who encouraged me to get Baylor on a health and fitness plan.
    • The veterinarians at Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando (formerly SPCA) who educated me on how to get Baylor back on track and helped me understand just how dangerous it is for your pet to be overweight. 
    • Sherri and Toby and Barking Dog Fitness at Rocky’s Retreat: Thank you for training Baylor twice a week, for getting him in shape and loving him along the way.
    • WFTV photographers Dan Criswell and Maria Ruiz, who worked hard to capture Baylor’s progress and hard work. 

    But most of all, big thanks to all of you, our viewers, who cheered Baylor on during his #BaylorsBootCamp journey via Facebook and Twitter! 

    This journey has been fun and educational for me. I hope it has inspired you to get your pets fit and healthy so they can live long and happy lives. 

    We hope to see you Saturday at Run for Rescues at the Mall at Millennia. Come cheer on Baylor and help us raise money for the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando.