Black bear falls asleep on lawn after eating 20 pounds of dog food

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. — A huge black bear in Seminole County had quite the weekend when a homeowner found it fast asleep in his backyard.

Bob Cross, of Lake Mary, normally gets calls from his neighbors to catch nuisance critters, but Saturday he got an unusual call dealing with something a little larger.

"(She) said there was big bear in her backyard," said Cross.

When Cross rounded the corner, he knew he was going to leave this one alone.

Photos: Bear falls asleep after eating 50-pound bag of dog food

"That's a big bear. That's a huge bear," he said.

As Cross got closer, he snapped a few photos of bear and its dinner, a 20-pound bag of dog food that it dragged from a garage nearby to under the shade of a tree.

Cross watched the bear toss and turn for several minutes, laughing at how human-like it was sleeping.

"(It) repositioned three or four times and stretched out. It just laid there," he said.

Another neighbor, Art Fischer didn't want the bear coming back for seconds, so he grabbed the leftovers and put the rest in his garage and locked it up.

Cross and his neighbors said they hope no one shoots the bear once bear season begins Oct. 1.

"They were here before we were," said Fischer.