• Body cam video to play into FDLE investigation of former NFL player shooting


    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - New video is gives an inside look at how Daytona Beach police handled a domestic dispute.

    The video shows officers making the split second decision to shoot former NFL player Jermaine Green, who they say was just about to stab his girlfriend.

    Green survived. Police chief Michael Chitwood said his officers had no choice.

    "I'm proud of what the officers did. I'm proud, I stand behind them. It may not look pretty, but police work is not; but it's effective," Chitwood said.

    Chitwood spoke openly about his officers seen in body camera video responding to a domestic dispute.

    Green was shot several times in September after police said he would not listen and almost stabbed his girlfriend Katrina Johnson to death.

    "They're giving commands repeatedly, 'drop the knife, drop the knife.' I mean, I don't know how many times he's told to drop the knife, but his actions in no point in time does he ever act like he's giving her up," Chitwood said.

    The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is still determining if the shooting was justified.

    FDLE investigators can watch frame by frame and determine if deadly force was necessary.

    Chief Chitwood believes in this case, it was.

    "Everybody can talk about the wild west stuff, 'oh you should have shot him in the arm.' Yeah, well, you know that's not how it works. That's not how we're trained. You want to stop the threat," Chitwood said.

    Green survived. His victim suffered a minor gunshot wound to the arm.

    "Jermaine Green is alive, fortunately for him, and we saved our victim. And that's what you have to look at at the end of the day. Everybody went home to their families," Chitwood said.

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    Body cam video to play into FDLE investigation of former NFL player shooting