• Body of car crash victim discovered 2 days after the accident


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - An electrician discovered the body of 60-year-old Art Stroud Monday in the woods near the site of a car crash that happened Saturday. 
    The accident happened on A1A near Indialantic Boulevard in Brevard County.
    An eyewitness reported seeing a pedestrian hit but no one found a body over the weekend
    Channel 9's Renee Stoll spoke to Stroud's family Monday evening. They said they initially believe that something had happened to Stroud while he was surfing.
    But it was when he was leaving the beach access, after surfing, that he was hit and killed by a car
    "I saw him walk out of the public access and walk south. I knew he had to be hit by the car," said Dave Robinson, who lives near the accident scene.
    On Monday, Florida Highway Patrol troopers said Stroud was hit by 59-year-old Nancy Chancey, who was trying to pass someone at a high rate of speed when she crashed her Dodge Charger and died.
    But on Saturday Melbourne police, FHP troopers, and firefighters couldn't find another body, and didn't believe there was another victim.
    "Everyone, including deputies, Melbourne police and troopers, looked for this alleged pedestrian," said FHP Sgt. Kim Montes. "We looked in the area. He was so far back in there that no one saw him in the shrubs in the woods."
    Stroud's family said his brother called in a missing person's report, thinking something happened to Stroud while surfing.
    Chancey's family showed up to the scene saying they were devastated by both the lives lost.
    "Our thoughts and prayers are especially with the family of (Stroud). We hate seeing anybody else involved," said Rusty Chancey.
    According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, Nancy Chancey had a lengthy driving record which included 23 speeding violations. Her license was suspended several times, mostly for speeding. She had a DUI arrest and one time she was cited for going 105 in a 65 mph zone. The license plate on her car read, "HALNASS."
    Her family said it's a tragedy all the way around.
    "I understand my mom made a mistake, but we don't have to say she gets what she deserves or she's stupid for what she did. She paid the ultimate price," said Yvette Chancey.

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    Body of car crash victim discovered 2 days after the accident

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