• Body-mounted cameras latest crime fighting tool for Sanford police


    SANFORD, Fla. - Under the new police chief, Sanford officers are going to be more open about their every move, in order to build more trust with residents. That means some of them are actually wearing cameras.

    Sanford police will be using a lot more video when they head to court.

    It will be the first time officers will be able to show what they saw, from their perspective.

    "You're basically seeing what that officer is seeing at every moment," said Officer Tina Leman of the Sanford Police Department.

    The city just bought 20 of the body-mounted cameras for more than $40,000 dollars.

    Sanford police already have five dashboard cameras in patrol cars, but the problem is that those cameras only capture what is in front and they remain stationary.

    Cameras on officers go with them when they're out of the car. When they walk up to a vehicle, the camera sees and hears the encounter.

    Officers can detach the cameras to peek around a corner. The video can be streamed to their cellphones.

    The cameras will be used for all officers out on the street regardless of the call.

    The officer will be the one controlling when the camera is on and off.

    "In the event an incident occurs and the officer forgets to turn the camera on it has to be documented," said Capt. James McAuliffe of the Sanford Police Department.

    The department will roll out more cameras by the end of March.

    The Brevard County Sheriff's Office and the University of Central Florida, Oviedo and Daytona Beach police departments also use the same body-mounted cameras.

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    Body-mounted cameras latest crime fighting tool for Sanford police