Bodycam video shows police encounter with subject of UCF alert for BB gun

Megan Cruz reports.

ORLANDO, Fla. — Officials have released bodycam footage of an encounter with a University of Central Florida student who they said triggered a campus alert by having a BB gun on his person. 

The incident set off panic for students and parents after the school sent out an alert telling students to seek shelter from Tower 1 after a report that a person entered the building with a gun in his waistband.

The student immediately told officers he only had a BB gun after he was confronted.

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"I'm sorry for this problem," the student can be heard telling officers in the bodycam video.

Officers said the BB gun closely resembled a Beretta firearm after locating it.

An officer can later be heard telling the student why police took the call so seriously and asked the student if he understood why.

"Trust me, I come from Parkland," the student can be heard saying.

Officials later told the student he wouldn't be charged with a crime, but he could get in trouble for having a BB gun inside his dorm room, which is against uCF's housing policy.

Channel 9 spoke with the student, but he said he had nothing more to add about the incident other than what the bodycam footage details.