• Bond delayed again for OPD officer accused of domestic violence


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A second judge refused to let an Orlando police officer, accused of domestic violence, bond out of jail.

    Last Thursday, Judge Deb Bleckman addressed her fear of what Danny Sidders might do while out on bond. At the time, Bleckman wanted more information about how he'd be tracked through GPS monitoring.

    Monday, a second judge, filling in for Bleckman on vacation, decided he didn't want to get involved in the case.

    Sidders has been in jail for two weeks following his second arrest this year on domestic violence charges.

    While behind bars, he was also charged with tampering with evidence after deputies said he tried to get another officer to hide a gun he wasn't supposed to have.

    The attorney who has represented him in the past hasn't been officially retained in this case, but that didn't stop him from trying to get Sidders out of jail.

    The attorney told Judge Thomas Kirkland he'd already lined up a private company to fit Sidder with a GPS monitor to make sure he stays away from his alleged victim.

    Because Bleckman is on vacation, Kirkland refused to accept the defense’s plan -- telling Sidders he'd have to wait until she gets back.

    Kirkland set a hearing for next Monday, when Bleckman is expected back.

    Sidders remains on paid leave while he's in jail.

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    Bond delayed again for OPD officer accused of domestic violence