• Bond lowered for suspect deputies were after when they shot, killed man


    A judge has lowered the bond for the suspect deputies were hunting when they knocked on the wrong door and shot and killed an armed man in Lake County.

    A deputy shot Andrew Scott during a search for Jonathan Brown last weekend.

    WFTV was in court Friday when Brown's defense attorney said Brown is being used as a pawn for a mistake made by deputies.

    His attorney said "the good 'ol boy" network is at play to overcharge Brown and push up his bond to keep him in jail.

    She said Brown feels terrible that his neighbor, Scott, was killed when deputies went to his door, looking for Brown.

    Brown, an attempted murder suspect and former police officer, walked into a Lake County courtroom wearing shackles on his wrists and ankles after spending seven days in jail.

    His bond was cut from $100,000 to $20,000, but his attorney told the judge even that's too much.

    "This entire case has just been blown out of proportion because Lake County Sheriff's Office shot an innocent man," said defense attorney Laura Hargrove.

    The defense said there's no evidence Brown was trying to kill someone.

    A witness told Leesburg police she saw Brown beating a man with a concrete block, but the man refused medical treatment.

    Leesburg police said Brown ran from them into the county's district, and Lake County deputies were looking for Brown when they knocked on Scott's door late Saturday night.

    Deputies did not set up a perimeter, surround the apartment or identify themselves, even though they were told Brown could be armed.

    Scott was armed when he opened his door, and Deputy Richard Sylvester shot and killed him.

    Prosecutor Emily Brinkman, who's married to a Leesburg officer, won't say what the state will charge Brown with.

    "We haven't made a filing decision yet," said Brinkman.

    Brown's attorney said Brown was overcharged because Leesburg police are trying to protect the Sheriff's Office and Sheriff Gary Borders who is running for re-election.

    "A good ol' boy system that lets us protect law enforcement when they make a mistake," said Hargrove.

    Brown could bond out at any time.

    Borders' spokesman responded to Hargrove's accusation by saying the sheriff's office had no say in Leesburg's decision to charge Brown with attempted murder.

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