• Boy, 11, faces felony charges over Airsoft gun incident at school bus stop


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - An 11-year-old Brevard County boy is facing felony battery and weapons charges after police said he chased students at his bus stop with an Airsoft toy rifle.

    Emory Denton was arrested Tuesday afternoon when his classmates told school officials about it and they called police to the school.

    The boy's father, Bret Denton, is livid over the handcuffing and felony arrest of Emory. He said the toy gun was harmless – it only fired plastic pellets and made noise.

    “No other parent deserves to go through this … to see their 11-year-old son arrested for a plastic toy,” Denton said.

    Police said that’s not true, and that Emory was running at the students, firing pellets with his gun and dressed in camouflage.

    No one was hit.

    Denton said his son was only playing around with his classmates once they got off the bus at the neighborhood bus stop.

    His classmates told police they ran away from Emory, and that he kept it up for almost 15 minutes.

    Denton said all the kids have guns like his son’s, and said they play the Call of Duty video game and are fascinated by the military world it portrays.

    Emory was on a three-day suspension from school when the incident happened after he brought what police insist was a live round even though his teacher told him not to.

    His father denied that it was a live round, but agreed with the suspension because Emory didn’t get permission from him, either.

    Denton said the police questioned his son without permission or supervision.

    Police said they did not question the boy, school officials did.

    “I am so angry I don't know what to say. The police department could have come to the house and all of this could've been resolved,” Denton said.

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