• Search on for dog that attacked 13-year-old Sorrento boy


    SORRENTO, Fla. - A young boy is in the hospital after he was attacked by a dog in a rural neighborhood in Sorrento.

    Animal Control officers set up a trap in hopes of catching the pit bull that attacked the 13-year-old boy outside a home on Westmoreland Street

    “I was in shock for a second about it. It was kind of scary,” said the victim’s friend, Annika Lanzendorf.

    Lanzendorf was talking with two friends next to her home in Sorrento Friday morning when the dog appeared from the woods.

    Neighbors said the dog ran down a dirt road and attacked the boy while he was on his bike.

    “He got bit on the leg, and he pretty much fell,” Lanzendorf said.

    She said the dark brown pit bull latched on to Dylan Moore's calf and didn't let go until their family Rottweiler came to the rescue.

    “This dog knew exactly what to do. Went straight for the chocolate pit bull and bit him a couple of times on the back. Chased him down the road and got him off the property,” said Annika’s father, Gary Lanzendorf

    It’s not the first time a nuisance pit bull roamed the Lake County neighborhood.

    A resident gave Channel 9 video of a pit bull on his front lawn.

    He’s not sure if it's the same dog that attacked the boy, but said it's caused a ruckus in the neighborhood.


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