Brevard buzz: County sustains moderate emergence of salt marsh mosquitoes

Brevard County Mosquito Control officials said the area was experiencing a moderate emergence of salt marsh mosquitoes due to the holiday season rainfall.
On its website, the county wrote: “Mosquito Control is aware of the extremely heavy mosquito outbreak and we are working diligently to address all infested areas. Please be patient as all Mosquito Control resources will be fully engaged in control efforts for the next two weeks, at a minimum.”
Officials said they were targeting spray missions in the areas with the heaviest populations first and will expand as necessary, weather permitting.


"This time of year, normally it's dying down and we're focusing on [...] making sure everything is in good shape for the spring when things starting picking up," said Joe Faella, director of Brevard County mosquito control. "You can't fight nature completely. We just try to reduce the populations for more comfortable levels."
People who live in the county have noticed a difference in the last few weeks.
"I know my daughter got bit by one the other day around her neck, " said Jessica Williams. "You have to put bug spray on all the time to avoid them."
“Although not unheard of, it is rare that Brevard County experience such an event in the month of January and we are hopeful winter will return and help us out,” Brevard County officials said in a Facebook post.
Officials said they cannot spray flying mosquitoes while its raining, during the day, or when winds are above 10 mph. There are about 40 species of mosquitoes in Brevard County, and the salt marsh mosquito is among the more aggressive, Faella said.

More information: Brevard Mosquito Control spray schedule map

1/7/19 | Mosquito spray announced for tonight. For more information and detailed location information visit: bit.ly/2JEXZpi

Posted by Brevard County Government on Monday, January 7, 2019

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