Brevard commissioner's Facebook comments about anti-Trump protesters, abortion spark controversy

Megan Cruz reports.

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — A Brevard County commissioner sparked a bit of outrage online after a post on Facebook against people protesting President Donald Trump.

Bryan Lober's first comment was in response to a post about President Trump's visit to Orlando on June 18.

Someone posted, "Words of wisdom to the protesters, beware of Dodge Chargers." Lober wrote in response, "I wouldn't recommend using a snow plow - it might look intentional."

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Lober said he was referring to when a snowplow driver reportedly intentionally splashed anti-Trump protesters with snow, not when a protestor was run over and killed by a Dodge Charger during a Charlottesville white supremicst rally in 2017.

Lober's second comment was aimed at Brevard Democratic Chair Stacey Patel, saying that while he's not a big abortion proponent, he would "look the other way" in Patel's case.

Lober is unapologetic for both comments, claiming he and Patel are political rivals.

Patel told Channel 9 in a statement in response:

I'm saddened that our national politics has normalized such discourse, and I truly hope that our neighbors, regardless of party, won't stand silent while such poison seeps into our community.