Brevard County school officials say man tried to lure students inside van

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — The Brevard County school district said a suspicious man tried to get two young children inside his van.

The district said it happened Tuesday morning as the children walked to Coquina Elementary School in Titusville.

The school district said it wants anyone who may have seen the man to call them right away, adding that law enforcement officials are involved.

Brevard County Public Schools officials said the 8 and 9-year-old students were able to run away from the man when he tried to coax them into a van.

The district said it doesn't know the man's identity, or if the students got a better description of the van.

Coquina Elementary School isn't the only school where a student reported seeing a suspicious man Tuesday.

A Facebook user made a post saying, “Someone here in Port St. John said that someone had watched and then approached their child as well."

Another person wrote, "This could've ended so much worse."

Two people said they received a message from the school about the incident.

But another parent said he didn't know about the incident.

Channel 9 reached out to law enforcement officials, but has not heard back.

It’s unclear where exactly the children saw the van.