• Brevard County woman desperate for new leads in finding daughter's killer


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - For the first time since a Brevard County grandmother was shot 14 times during a birthday celebration, she’s speaking out in hopes of closing the case.

    Equaller Bradford survived the Cocoa shooting that killed her daughter, Lydia.

    The shooting happened at the Longwood Apartments on Clearlake Road in January 2013.

    Channel 9 reporter Mel Holt met with Bradford and her attorney about bringing closure to the family.

    “I don’t want what happened to me to happen to anyone else,” Bradford said. “It was my granddaughter Jania’s birthday when he came in. I thought it was a joke. Never thought that would have happened.”

    Bradford remembers the intruder wore a mask and gloves.

    Cocoa police said it was a crime that outraged the community, but at this time, investigators have exhausted all their leads.

    Bradford is hoping to generate new leads as she cares for her daughter’s three girls, Janai, Jamaria and Chrishy’A.

    “My oldest granddaughter’s mother died on her birthday. That’s wrong,” Bradford said.

    Bradford and her attorney filed a lawsuit against the owners of the Longwood Apartments.

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