• Brevard family blames hog for extensive damage to yard


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - A Brevard County couple has a problem with a hog tearing up their yard the past several days.

    The property sits on Camp Road in the Sharpes area, and the couple has already repaired the yard only to have it destroyed again.

    Hodges Bilbo said he and his wife have been spending a lot of evenings in the house because they don’t want to come face-to-face with the hog that has been rooting their yard.

    "My wife is so upset I think she's about to have a heart attack," Bilbo said.

    Bilbo said the hog first showed up Wednesday. Since then, he's been repairing the damage to his front yard every morning.

    "They dig the same spot and a little more. But at least they aren't digging all new stuff," he said.

    Bilbo said the animal did damage to his neighbor's yard as well, but the neighbor said he doesn't think the pig is a problem.

    "I choose to let him roam around," said neighbor George Griffin. "He stays in the woods most of the time."

    Bilbo would still like to see the hog trapped and removed from the area.

    "I'm concerned about the safety as much as the damage they're doing," he said.

    Bilbo said he's been in touch with a community organization. He's hoping that group might come out and attempt to trap the hog or hogs.

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    Brevard family blames hog for extensive damage to yard

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