Brevard nonprofit flies lifesaving water purifiers to Dorian-ravaged areas of the Bahamas

Air Mobile Ministries has already delivered nearly two dozen water purifiers to the Bahamas, capable of providing clean drinking water to thousands.

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — Air Mobile Ministries, a Brevard County nonprofit, is flying special missions to the Bahamas.

It is getting water purifiers to neighborhoods destroyed by Hurricane Dorian and has already delivered nearly two-dozen water purifiers to the Bahamas.

The purifiers are capable of providing clean drinking water to thousands.

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Air Mobile Ministries said this mission wouldn't be possible without the help it has received.

"Here are the water purifiers arriving in the Bahamas," said Joe Hurston, with Air Mobile Ministries. "This is a load that's 20,000 people a day that we can get fresh, clean water to."

The nonprofit already had a humanitarian flight to Haiti planned before Dorian devastated the Bahamas.

Air Mobile Ministries was able to load the water purifiers on the same flight and left Haiti with even more donated supplies for the Bahamas.

Over the decades, Hurston said, he and his team of volunteers have responded to help countless victims of hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes and other disasters.

So far, Air Mobile Ministries has delivered 22 water purifiers to the Bahamas.

Hurston was in Fort Lauderdale on Monday, on his way to return a donated plane, before making his return to the Bahamas.

"We were in training yesterday, training what we call water mules -- people who can take these water purifiers to the most isolated places and bring clean, safe, fresh water to these people, who are so desperate," Hurston said.

Air Mobile Ministries is staging from an area extremely close to the Abaco Islands.