• Brevard woman receives N.M. woman's Social Security paperwork


    COCOA, Fla. - Debbie Brindle was shocked when she received a letter from the Social Security Administration addressed to her Brevard County address, but inside was someone else's paperwork.

    The documents contained the Social Security number and employment information for Monica Cohn, a woman who lives in New Mexico.

    "I looked at it and I was like, 'This is not mine, how did I get this? Why are they sending me somebody else's information?'" Brindle said.

    Brindle's had friends who've had their identities stolen. Out of concern, she contacted the Social Security Administration, who told her to return the documents to their office.

    She was so outraged she reached out to Eyewitness News as well.

    "Anyone can get a hold of this and do whatever they want with it," Brindle said.

    Cohn said she couldn't believe her Social Security number and other info was in the hands of a stranger.

    She said she was expecting the letter and was wondering why she hadn't received it.

    "I can't believe they screwed up so badly," Cohn said in a phone interview.

    She said she was thankful Brindle was the one who received it and not someone who else who could have ripped her off.

    "I never would have known, I would have been totally oblivious if you hadn't contacted me, and thank you for contacting me," Cohn said.

    Eyewitness News asked the Social Security office how something like this happens and it said this rarely does.

    The office apologized for the error. It said it takes its responsibility of protecting a person's Social Security number and personal information very seriously and takes all actions necessary to protect information.

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