• Burglary suspect may be linked to other Thornton Park break-ins


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Orlando police are working to find out if burglary suspect they just arrested is responsible for a rash of break-ins in the Thornton Park area.

    So far, police have connected Darius Redding to burglaries at two homes.

    WFTV spoke with Christian Ronan, who was inside one of the homes on Thornton Lane when the break-in happened. Ronan helped get the burglary suspect arrested.

    Ronan said he was alone at home, watching TV, when he heard footsteps inside his house.

    Orlando police arrested Redding, 18, on charges of breaking into Ronan's home.

    "He fled before he could even steal any of our stuff from our house," Ronan said.

    According to a police report, neighbors gave police a description of the burglar.  Redding tried to get away by climbing a fence on Pine Street, but a K-9 bit him on the arm, the report stated.

    "I heard over the radio, 'Don't run! Don't run!  That is potential suspect running.'  Then you hear the dog got him," Ronan said.

    Police said when they caught Redding he was carrying a laptop bag, a small red suitcase and a pair of black socks. Police said that's common with burglars because they cover their hands with them to hide their fingerprints.

    According to the report, police removed a stolen 9-mm handgun from Redding.

    Police believe it came from a home Redding broke into that same day, where he stole jewelry and other items worth $13,000. 

    Orlando police are also investigating if he is responsible for other burglaries in the area.

    WFTV found out that Redding is also facing burglary charges in Seminole County.

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    Burglary suspect may be linked to other Thornton Park break-ins