• Businesses fined for putting up Toys for Tots signs


    DELTONA, Fla. - Deltona residents are calling on the community to fight back after businesses were fined by the city for putting up signs for Toys For Tots.

    The Toys For Tots sign encourages people to drop off new toys at a Deltona pet grooming shop.

    It helps spread the word to spread joy to less fortunate children during the holiday season.

    The sign has caused nothing but trouble for the business owner.

    "It's not bothering anybody. It's just sitting here letting you know there's a drop off spot of Christmas for kids," business owner Corey Marion said.

    A Deltona code enforcement officer slapped Corey Marion with a $60 fine because she put the sign in front of Happy Tails.

    Marion moved the sign closer to her business after the officer told her it was too close to the road.

    Her fiance went to city hall to complain but to no avail.

    "I was in the Army. I'll help kids. I've helped kids in other countries. I've been to Iraq and Afghanistan. I helped kids while I was there. Now to get a fine for helping kids in my country is outrageous. It's actually disgusting," Jody Storozuk said.

    Critter's Pub just down the road was denied a permit to put up a Toys For Tots sign.

    Eyewitness News stopped by code enforcement.

    The city spokesman said the city's ordinance on signs is very lengthy.
    "Should an exception be made for people helping charities?" Eyewitness News' Ryan Hughes asked.

    "I would say yes," Deltona City Spokesman Lee Lopez said.

    A statement said the signage that was used is considered a snipe sign and is not allowed by city ordinance.

    The spokesman added in that statement that the city is willing to work with the business owners at Happy Tails and Critter's Pub to find the type of sign that is legal and serves the purpose of the program.

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