• DeLand jewelry store offers free shotgun with purchase


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - Customers are locked and loaded over a promotion put on by Downtown Goldsmith, Jewelry and Engraving in DeLand.

    Any customer who buys from a selection of jewelry costing more than $450 is eligible to go home with a free shotgun.

    The promotion has been so popular, the store’s owners have already run out of shotguns and have put in two more orders.

    “(It) gives you incentive to buy something for your wife and you get something for yourself,” employee Jessie Czeroc said.

    The store has done the promotion for Christmas and Valentine’s Day for the past three years.

    Don’t think getting the gun is as simple as picking out a piece of jewelry, though, Czeroc said.

    Customers will have to undergo a federal background check before they can leave with the gun, he said.

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